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How to Burp Kombucha

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

Burping Kombucha? Excuse me? What the hell is burping Kombucha and why is it essential for home brewing? Let me walk you through the why and the how.

But first look at these pretty babies! Aren't they gorgeous? As you can see I keep my second ferment Kombucha in upcycled pre love pretty bottles. After my first ferment has brewed for a minimum of 6 days, I choose some yummy flavours to sass up my brews. Once I’ve strained the first ferment and kept aside enough starter and scoby, I bottle and then add my flavours. This is then left for 3 – 5 days depending on the heat and humidity.

Now you might notice some of my bottles have plastic lids, some have rubber sealed swing tops, and some have metal lids. For the metal lids, I cut up clean parchment paper and place over the neck of the bottle before capping.

But the golden rule is, regardless to the type of lid, ALWAYS burp your booch!

How to Burp your Booch:

This is as easy as uncapping each lid, one at at time just a bit, until you hear some air escape and then quickly recapping each one. Do this daily until you are ready to consume or refrigerate your brew. Depending on how fizzy you want your brew, will determine how long you leave your second ferment and how much burping needs to be done.

This is essential if you’re using glass as it’s very easy for carbonation to reach explosion point. Yup, that’s right! Explosion point is a REAL possibility if you don't burp your brew.

ps: I had a few bombs go off in the early days and learned my lesson quick smart.

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